• Creative Writing

    Creating a short story #2

    Part Two: Booted feet stomped impatiently on the porch, letting the caked and dried mud scatter in generous footprint-shaped piles. Matthew found himself one of the rocking chairs and began to unlace the boots, removing each with a weary grunt,…

  • Creative Writing

    Creating a Short Story Part 1.5

    Based on former comments, here’s a revision to part one: Somewhere in the western regions of North America, there lies a small cabin of four small rooms, surrounded by grassy fields more the color of toasted bread than green. Two…

  • Creative Writing

    Creating a short story #1

    Welcome Readers! This is the first installment, of ten, toward writing a short story with the feedback and opinions of my friends and colleagues. I ask for your help for two reasons. First, this story was inspired by a particularly…